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"Badges..We don't need no stinking badges" --Meeting Information


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If your interested in joining, please send E-mail to drzharko@eifus.org. We will take anyone who has an interest in Linux, *BSD or any other open source software product out there.

At this time we are planning a meeting sometime in June(2001). If you want to comment on any of the agenda items below leave a posting in the Message Boards. When (IF) we have a meeting those postings will be added to the discussion. In addition to the discussion we will be giving away some O'REILLY merchandise (Possibly some T-shirts & Books). 

Meeting Agenda Items:

  1. Help people setup their computers 
  2. Decide When/Where/If we are actually going to hold physical meetings and will there be food. 
  3. Elect/Decide on User Group officers (Bill is a Puppet President!) 
  4. Decide on framework for the User Group 
  5. Remove Dr. Zharko as the Benevolent Dictator of EIFUS 
  6. Discuss member issues 
  7. Discuss project issues