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EIFUS was originaly created, in June of Y2K, by Dr. Zharko in an attemp to see how much Free Stuff was available to User Groups on the web. After recruiting some coworkers and a few family members into the group, we soon realized we have a fairly talented group of users. I, Dr. Zharko, alone have installed 6 diferent Distributions of Linux, Solaris i386, and 3 different BSD *nix's (Some succesfully). 

Other members have done some of the same as well as built a Beowulf Cluster, worked with MySql, built Linux/FreeBSD Routers, setup Oracle boxes , etc..... Our group can best be characterized as some people who try out new things in the *nix/Opensource community and want to share our ideas. 
If you are interested in joining our Users Group you can contact drzharko@burgess.eifuss.org. We are based out of the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area and sometime we will begin holding meetings in either one or both of these cities. 

Items of Interest:

  • MEETING UPDATE!!!!! We are planning a big kickoff meeting in June, keep an eye on the site for more info. 
  • RedHat 7 is out! A couple members are checking it out, so check back to see what they found. 
  • Create a topic or post a message on our Message Board. 

In the Reviews Section:

  • Pete and Karl Talk about the books Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition and Building Linux Clusters from O'Reilly. 
  • Chris compares RedHat 6.2 and Caldera's Edesktop
  • If you want to get almost everything you could need in one place, than this is the distribution for you. SuSe 7.0 Professional comes with over 1500 applications. A wide variety of commercial software including Database software, Office products, Emulators, Games, Web Authoring software, and much more. It also includes just about every major Window Manger ......More